Post Graduate Diploma – Engineering Sciences

The Post Graduate Diploma – Engineering Sciences programme is aimed at bridging graduates from 3-year BSc programmes to the masters’ programmes in biomedical engineering. This PGDip (Engineering Science) derives its justification from the justifications for the proposed biomedical engineering masters’ programmes, as given in their programme submissions. 

The PGDip programme proposed here does not include a qualifier specific to biomedical engineering, since it contains no content specific to biomedical engineering, but it is an essential stepping stone for the BSc graduates, building their knowledge and skills in the engineering sciences required for research, advanced studies or working in the biomedical engineering field. As a standalone qualification, this programme equips BSc graduates with a broad knowledge base and skill set similar to the attributes developed through Bachelor of Engineering programmes.

Selection Criteria

  • Only a limited number of students are selected annually, in accordance with the capacity to accommodate students in the modules, as well as the engineering faculty’s postgraduate enrolment plan. Equity targets are also considered in the selection process.

  • Students will normally be required to have completed their preceding qualifications in the minimum time, with a credit-weighted average of 60% over all the years of undergraduate study, as well as in its final year. Students will also be required to have passed Mathematics 114 and 144, as well as Physics 14 and 144, or their equivalents (these are typical first year BSc modules).

  • Preference will be given to students with higher averages. Selection will be applied to ensure that only students are admitted that have the academic ability to master the content with substantial independent learning.